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Bellingham vs. SAAS - 1A/2A State Championship Recap

Congratulations to the Seattle Academy Cardinals on their 1A/2A State Championship against the Bellingham Warriors in a 12-4 emotional game at Starfire Sports Stadium on Saturday.

The Cardinals led a consistent game where they put up three goals each quarter leading to their 12 goal final score. Bellingham struggled to get successful sequences on offense for the majority of the game while Seattle Academy pounded their right side until they hoisted that trophy in the air.

Seattle Academy junior midfielder Henry Johnson (35g, 12a) and sophomore attackman Will Patrick (22g, 2a) secured three goals each in their win against the Warriors. A hat-trick is nothing new for Johnson but Patrick gets his first and only hat-trick of the season on the biggest stage of the year.

A surprisingly quiet day for Bellingham senior attackman Jackson Zerba (70g, 29a) who had 18 playoff goals on their road to Starfire but was silenced by the Cardinal’s defense. Senior midfielder Garrett Sorenson (58g, 23a) led his team with two goals in their defeat to Seattle Academy.

The game started at a fair pace as both teams were feeling each other out until Bellingham opened the game up with the first goal. The Warriors held the lead only once in the first quarter for two minutes before the Cardinals found a weak right side on their defense.

Seattle Academy strung together a few goals coming from that same right side that sent them to a 6-2 lead shortly before the half ended. Bellingham would continue to only score a goal in the entire final half before their emotions got the better of them on a downward spiral to defeat.

In a game of this caliber there is always inevitably one winner and one loser. These teams came a long way to get here and Seattle Academy head coach Scott Pattison couldn’t be happier to give his team this moment.

“We’re feeling pretty happy, we’re ecstatic for these seniors. It’s been a hard year and we’re happy to give them this moment to feel joy and be happy.” Pattison said. “They definitely earned it so we’re happy for those boys, they played amazing.”

Bellingham was not an easy team to beat as they consistently scored over 10 goals in 15 of their past games. Seattle Academy had the defense for this one so Pattison’s plan was fairly simple.

“The key was to try to make it a small stage and not make it a big stage.” Pattison said. “Try to make it a game like any other and that’s what we did today”

Story by Michael Thornbloom