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Nathan Hale vs. Roosevelt - Game Recap

Roosevelt (6-6) emerges on top in double overtime against the Nathan Hale Red Raiders (5-8) with the play-offs on the line in a 6-5 scrap that came down to the wire at Jane Addams Field Monday night.

It was all too familiar for many at this game as both teams went into overtime together earlier this season with Roosevelt coming out on top 11-10 last March. Nathan Hale came up short once again when they watched their playoff chances disappear with a deadly Nate Koidahl bounce shot in second overtime.

The goalies were the true heroes in this game with both sides knowing exactly what was on the line. Roosevelt junior goalie Nicky Swedin only did slightly better than his counter part with an outstanding 75% save percentage on 20 shots on goal. Raider goalie Logan Manta-Kennedy was equally as impressive saving 68% of the 19 shots on goal he had to face.

It was a relatively slow start for both teams as their were a lot of fumbled passes and turnovers throughout with Nathan Hale coming out on top of the first half 3-2. Nathan Hale had a prime chance in the third quarter to go up by two goals with four minutes left on a double man-up opportunity but was unable to capitalize.

The failed two man-up might have cost them the game once Roosevelt put together two goals of their own to take the lead 5-4 by the fourth quarter. The Rough Riders might have sealed the game up at this point but a series of missed passes and penalties kept them short leaving Raider sophomore attackman Zeke Dodson to capitalize on an unset Rough Rider defense for a crucial game tying goal.

The Raiders spent the rest of the final quarter desperately trying to force the rock into the cage from the outside in the hopes of sealing the game up before overtime. What everyone didn’t realize was the real game was about to take place as things were getting very heated on both sides of the field.

Once overtime had begun, both teams appeared to be completely different as all their passes were on point and shots were on goal demonstrating every bit of drive to win this game. Both Manta-Kennedy and Swedin were stout in the cage for the first five minutes keeping it a tie game going into double overtime.

Second overtime took careful thought as Roosevelt head coach Andy Herriott needed an early timeout once they had possession. The Rough Riders kept the ball hot for a period keeping Nathan Hale on their toes. The Raiders knew how dangerous Koidahl was when he had the ball so a lot of their effort all game was to keep him silent. Koidahl was fed the ball on the outside and the crowd held their breath as everyone knew this could be it. He takes a step in and slaps his shot directly in front of Manta-Kennedy to watch it bounce right passed him into the cage, 6-5 Roosevelt, another step closer to play-offs.

“This was us going to play-offs or not, we had to win this one and we have to win Wednesday to get in. I told them, ‘if we’re going to win a game all season it’s this one.’” Herriott commented after the game.

Smart for Herriott to appreciate the value in the late season games as it has become evident that he wants that playoff berth for his boys. Nathan Hale was not an easy match for them as they looked like equals on the field for the second time this season.

“The game plan was to attack the weak side, get the dodge up top. We know they slide really early so I wanted to pop up from the crease. We got there, probably about the third quarter we got them to start doing it, but we got it eventually.” Herriott chuckled.

When asked about the playoffs he said, “I always told them we’d burn that bridge when we get to it.”

Roosevelt steps away from their losing record to 6-6 as they prepare to head to Franklin High School on Wednesday night. As long as they beat either Franklin or Ballard they should be in the playoffs unless West Seattle wins their remaining two games which could result in a tie breaker. Nathan Hale is completely knocked of the hunt for a play-off spot sitting at 5-8 as they will finish off the rest of their season against West Seattle Friday night.

Story by Michael Thornbloom