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Playoffs Preview - 2017 Championships

The moment we have all been eagerly waiting for has arrived after some surprising upsets and unexpected late season sweeps. This is an exciting year as it’s the first time in boys lacrosse that we get to crown four teams instead of two. What spectacular things will these young athletes do in this year’s championships four-parter?

In case you missed the Semi Finals:

1A/2A Semifinal

Bellingham 15 @ Vashon 5 – FINAL
Seattle Academy 8 @ Liberty 7 – FINAL

3A Semifinal

Juanita 4 @ Bellevue 11 – FINAL
Bainbridge 7 @ Mercer Island 16 – FINAL

4A Semifinal

Woodinville 6 @ Skyline 9 – FINAL
Issaquah 7 @ Eastlake 11 – FINAL

Lets get into the Finals:

1A/2A Championship

Bellingham (13-4) @ Seattle Academy (11-5)

We have a great match-up for with these two as they both have done exceptionally well in their respective conferences. Bellingham has looked a bit stronger in this playoff stretch handily defeating all of their opponents 46-16. One thing to note for Seattle Academy is their defense and the fact that they have allowed only two teams this year to score over 10 goals.

Well Bellingham has 15 games where they scored over 10 goals so how is this one going to play out? This is the recipe for a great championship game.

Private School Championship

O’Dea (7-8) @ Eastside Catholic (13-2)

It’s never boring when these two get to play each other, especially if anyone saw their first game of the season. When you look at 25-13 final score you tend to think blow-out but what is forgotten about this game is over half those goals were scored in the final quarter. They were scoring on each other like their lives depended on it in that game even though it was only the first one of the season!

Their second game was much closer 11-9 game as O’Dea has continued to grow down the stretch to a formidable opponent. Out of the private division match-ups, this has been a fan favorite for many.

3A Championship

Bellevue (13-3) @ Mercer Island (12-7)

Can the Islanders topple the giant on the big stage in the same way they secured their last victory over them last month? Ignore the coaching changes for the Wolverines and lets focus on the fact that head coach Nick Welton has been able to keep them on pace to get to this game. They burned their two playoff opponents 30-6, can Welton do the same against an unstoppable Islander zone defense?

Mercer Island has more than just a tough defense as they have put up 32 goals in the playoffs this year. If the Islanders keep Bellevue under 10 goals they should be able to close that gap with the firepower they currently have.

4A Championship

Eastlake (8-7) @ Skyline (12-2)

The Eastlake Wolves have made some strides to get here having won the first two rounds and ultimately sweeping their conference rivals the Issaquah Eagles in the semi final match. Skyline is indeed the ultimate test for this team as the Spartans have been extraordinary this year. The switch to a 4A division has put them as the team to beat for this season.

Statistically, Skyline has this game in the bag with a much higher scoring offense with 182 goals this year. Eastlake nearly broke even with 126 goals for and 122 goals against. They will need to pray to all the lacrosse gods on this one to inspire both sides of the ball to create something magical for the championship.

Story by Michael Thornbloom