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Team Washington tryouts - January 17th & 18th

Team Washington Lacrosse will be holding tryouts on Tuesday, January 17th and Wednesday, January 18th, at the Kirkland Lacrosse Center - Big Finn Hill Park. The tryouts are for all current 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th grade boys lacrosse players (for the 2016/2017 school year). Each player will be eligible for one of 9 teams:

Tryout registration link available here: http://washingtonlacrosse.org/Page.asp?n=150632&org=WASHINGTONLACROSSE.ORG

Team Washington 2018's/2019's (The Chinooks) - current 10th/11th grader - rising 11th/12th grader - 3 travel tournaments

Team Washington 2019's (The Sockeyes) - current 10th grader/rising 11th grader - 3 travel tournaments

Team Washington 2020's (The Cohos) - current 9th grader/rising 10th grader - 3 travel tournaments

Team Washington 2020's (The Ketas) - current 9th grader/rising 10th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Team Washington 2021's (The Chums) - current 8th grader/rising 9th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Team Washington 2021's (The Steelheads) - current 8th grader/rising 9th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Team Washington 2022's (The Cutthroats) - current 7th grader/rising 8th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Team Washington 2023's (The Kokanees) - current 6th grader/rising 7th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Team Washington 2024's (The Char) - current 5th grader/rising 6th grader - 2 travel & 1 local tournament

Each of these 9 teams will be made up of the best 20 players from across the state. All eight teams will travel in June and July to participate in the best summer recruiting tournaments in the country. Team Washington Lacrosse operates on four core philosophies:

1. The best coaches & instruction in the state: Team WA has the Head Coaches from Bainbridge, Bellevue, Issaquah, Juanita, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Skyline & Redmond on their staff. Every Washington state championship for the past 19 years has been won by one of these coaches. Team WA is highly selective with their coaching staff, and emphasize quality instruction over all other aspects of a summer travel team. We strongly encourage all prospective players and parents to research the resumes, records and philosophies of any and all lacrosse coaches/programs they hope to play for.

2. Traveling to the best tournaments in the country: The Team WA coaching staff firmly believes that the only way to get better is to play the best competition. That is why Team WA almost exclusively travels back east for all of their recruiting events, and only attends the hardest west coast tournaments.

3. The best exposure to college coaches: A combination of the best coaches, the best players and the best tournaments, culminates with the best possible exposure for players interested in playing in college. The eight different high school programs represented on our coaching staff has by far the largest amount of alumni playing NCAA lacrosse in college from WA. This vast network of alumni connections and coaching relationships is the best college recruiting resource in the state of Washington.

4. The price to play on each team is entirely all-inclusive. This means that parents do not have to travel with their player to any of the tournaments (unless they want to). Other travel teams/programs require parents to transport (fly & drive), house and feed their player for all tournaments, which drastically increases the cost to every family, as you'll need to buy at least one additional airfare, transportation/car, hotel and food for the accompanying parent/parents. Team WA coaches supervise, transport, house and feed all players for every team, at every tournament. Not only is this easier on the families, with their already hectic summer schedules, but also allows the players to spend more time together (travel, hotel and meals) which helps them build chemistry in such a short summer season. Make sure you do the math and compare overall costs, when comparing programs.

Participation with Team Washington will not interfere or conflict with any summer high school lacrosse activities. Once the final roster of 20 players per class has been selected by our staff, all of the teams will practice together through June and into July. If you would like to participate in the 2017 Team Washington Lacrosse tryouts, the registration form is available here: http://washingtonlacrosse.org/Page.asp?n=150632&org=WASHINGTONLACROSSE.ORG

For all other information, please send questions to: admin@TeamWashington.org